Artwork Purchase Process

How to sell my Art online with Unikarts Gallery ?

-We are selling your artwork online on several platforms as described in the agreement and managing the delivery.

-Shipping fees are paid by us and we will usually provide a DHL EXPRESS shipping label.

-To submit artwork, artists must just provide JPG or PNG images (min. 1000x1000 pixels or larger)

-If an artwork is sold we will inform you and the procedure is following:

 Buyer pays Unikarts Gallery

  • All pre-sales are taken care of by Unikarts Gallery (customer negotiation, payment, invoicing).
  • Unikarts Gallery will only send you confirmed orders by vetted clients.

 Seller ships artwork

  • Order validation:
    • Check the order details and validate the sale.
  • Certificate of Authenticity:
    • print and sign your certificate of authenticity.
  • Packaging:
    • Safely package your artwork
    • Include the certificate of authenticity inside the parcel.
  • Package measurements:
    • Measure the dimensions and weight of your parcel, and send them to us.
  • Commercial Invoice:
    • Print the commercial invoice
    • Stick the invoice on the outside of the parcel. Only for International transactions*
  • Tracking number
    • Bring the parcel to your carrier, and ship it to the address provided.
    • Enter the tracking number on your order.

 Unikarts Gallery pays the seller as agreed

  • The buyer has 14 days to return his purchase. You will get paid 15 days after delivery.

*Please be aware of export documents: In countries where an export certificate for cultural goods is requested (Italy, Russia, Brazil, etc.), you must take steps with the local authorities to obtain the certificate, in order to provide it to the carrier.